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About Chris

Christopher C. Harris is a man of faith and a man of science. Finding the balance between extremes has been a continuous theme of his life.

Born as a gifted intellectual in an underserved environment, his gifts were quickly recognized when he was promoted from the second grade to the third grade in the middle of the school year.

Harnessing this gift as an adult, Christopher has created a comprehensive public health initiative called, The CCH Approach. This intensive holistic health service integrates evidenced-based practices with Christopher’s own original theories, assessments, and interventions.

The CCH Approach focuses on helping people increase the effectiveness of their activities daily living, reduce the risk of self-defeating and danger-inducing decision-making, while supporting their ability to identify and rectify unresolved or unacknowledged trauma.

The primary purpose of The CCH Approach centers on supporting every individual (Foundational Self) to achieve Optimum Wellness.

Optimum Wellness in The CCH Approach is achieving the highest levels of health for an individuals’ physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual bodies. The integration of these bodies, and each individual’s autonomous responsibility to function for themselves, is called The Foundational Self in The CCH Approach.


"Merging private passion and personal experience with professional acumen, promoting enduring growth."

Christopher C. Harris has a unique perspective to share in his commitment to public and community health. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor who is a survivor of life threatening mental and emotional illness. Chris confidently states that his counseling services integrates evidence-based practices with his own life experiences enduring and thriving after his life threatening diagnosis. Christopher’s work as a public health professional supports individuals, families, and organizations with the following services:
• Mental Health Presentations
• Community Development Classes
• Continuing Education/Professional Development Trainings
• Group Support Circles
• Clinical/Cultural Consultations
• Clinical Supervision (LPC)


Quiet Talks In The Community

• Integrating inspirational speaking and psychoeducation to introduce the origin and purpose of The CCH Approach.

• Supports the development of therapeutic alliances with participants, to create learning environments of psychological and emotional safety.

• Reduces stigma while modeling effective communication and decision-making regarding difficult or dangerous realities.

CCH Community Health Classes

• Providing educational courses to increase awareness and understanding of key topics impacting human lifespan development and our social systems.

• Topics focusing on physical wellness, mental and emotional health, suicide awareness, sex education, relational health, interpersonal violence, race and culture, spirituality and religion.

CCH Continuing Education & Training

• Provides catalog of content for continuing education clock hours and professional development days.

• Development and facilitation of person-centered and organization-specific workshops for brief solution-focused goals or lifespan development plans

• Provides clinical and cultural consultation to support administrative and executive decision-making.

CCH Support Circles

• Integrating principles and practices of group therapy, support groups, and restorative practices to empower individuals and improve relational health dynamics in social systems.

• Providing peer support for the maintenance and continued growth of life skills and guided pathways developed using The CCH Approach.


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Sports-Based Therapy & Wellness

Integrating Professional Counseling Services with Fitness & Athletics supporting Optimum Wellness

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Introduction To The CCH Approach

“Learning, Healing, & Growing for your Professional, Personal, & Private Self”
Christopher C. Harris, 2022



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