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About Chris

Christopher C. Harris is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Educator, and Coach. Christopher has devoted his professional life and career to the Healthy People 2020 & 2030 initiative created by the Office of Disease Prevention & Health Promotion.

Christopher currently owns and operates CCHARRIS Professional Counseling Services and is the Clinical Director for Mind Management Institute, 501(c)3. Both agencies are registered Consortiums for the Healthy People Initiative.

Christopher also works as an Adjunct Professor in Psychology and Course-Based Research Faculty Member at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, MI. He teaches Cultural Psychology and Sports Psychology.

Through For-Profit, Non-Profit, & Volunteer Services, Christopher develops and delivers Brief-Solution Focused and Long-Term Clinical Programming for Individuals, Families, Communities, and Organizations.

The services and initiatives offered through CCHARRIS Professional Counseling Services & Mind Management Institute, 501(c)3 focus on Prevention, Intervention, & Transitions (P.I.T). The goals of these services and interventions focus on Advancing Understanding through Educational Programming, Healing through Trauma Rectification (Harris, 2019), and Growth through Life Skills Acquisition & Development.

The services and initiatives developed and delivered by CCHARRIS Professional Counseling Services & Mind Management Institute, 501(c)3 are rooted in Integrated Theory & Practice of Professional Counseling, Social Work, & Psychology.


"Merging personal experience with professional acumen, promoting enduring growth."

Christopher C. Harris has a unique perspective to share in his commitment to public and community health. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor who is a survivor of life threatening mental and emotional illness. Chris confidently states that his counseling services integrates evidence-based practices with his own life experiences enduring and thriving after his life threatening diagnosis. Christopher’s work as a public health professional supports individuals, families, and organizations with the following services:
• Inspirational and Motivational Presentations
• Continuing Education and Professional Development Trainings
• Humanistic and Person-Centered Workshops
• Group Therapy/Support Circles
• Sports-Based Therapy & Wellness



Inspirational & Motivational Speaking
Lectures in Higher Education
Session Type: Non-Interactive
Capacity: Auditoriums

Presentations focus on the Recovery and Resiliency that I’ve experienced overcoming life-threatening mental and emotional illness. Attendees will learn the differences between motivation, inspiration, and discipline. The importance of physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health on achieving Optimum Wellness. Presentations will benefit organizations and individuals in the industries of Public and Community Health, Education, and Competitive Athletics.

Introducing my newest presentation... Surviving The Moments: Suicide Awareness and Prevention.


Professional Development & Continuing Education
Session Type: Optional Interactive
Capacity: Auditoriums, Media Centers, Conference Rooms

Trainings titles include Advancing Understanding: Black Americans from Contemporary Urban Communities. Designed to support community members and institutions of Education, Law Enforcement, and Medicine in Cultural Competency and Cultural Humility. Avoiding Adversarial Relationships with Millennial Youth and Young Adults. Trainings are designed to support Parents and Professionals in building effective and appropriate relationships, providing health and human services, teaching and working with the Black American population and the new generation of youth and young adults.


Humanistic, Person-Centered
Session Type: Interactive
Capacity: Media Centers, Conference Rooms
Topics: Cultural Humility, Social and Emotional Intelligence, Professional Integration, Trauma Rectification, Mind of Man, Womb of Woman, and I-Accountability: Marriage; Pre-Marital; Couples

Workshops are Humanistic and Person-Centered, meaning each individual and organization are experts in their own lives and identify their desired treatment goals. The workshop is designed to meet the specific needs of the individual and organization through clinical assessments and interventions. Specific workshops include Cultural Humility, Professional Integration, Building Supportive and Appropriate Relationships, and Organizational and Team Leadership.

Support Groups

Psycho-Educational (Advancing Understanding)
Trauma Rectification (Healing)
Life Skills Acquisition & Development (Growth)
Session Type: Interactive
Capacity: 6 - 12 Individuals Per Group

Support groups are designed to advance understanding of psycho-educational origin and impact of problems impacting the human condition, Healing from traumatic experiences, and growth through Life Skills Acquisition and Development. Support groups offered for professionals in Public and Community Health including First Responders, Law Enforcement, Medicine, and Education.


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Save Our Athletes, LLC

Holistic Development & Professional Representation for Competitive Athletes | Brief-Solution Focused & Long-Term Clinical Programming

Sports-Based Therapy & Wellness

Integrating Professional Counseling Services with Fitness & Athletics supporting Optimum Wellness

Millennial Leadership Solutions

Life Skills Acquisition and Development, Professional Integration & Relationship Building for Millennials


The Foundational Self: A Public Health Initiative

“Empowering People and Restoring Relational Health”
Christopher C. Harris, 2021



Frequently Asked Questions

The counseling profession helps people to become self-aware, growth oriented and effective in mastering the challenges of life. Counselors, as skilled, perceptive and broadly educated professionals, assist clients in identifying areas for improvement and in carrying out changes that improve mental health and promote well-being.

The same characteristics that allow athletes to excel in their respective sports can also present potential barriers to their success off the field.

In addition to the professional counseling services provided to at-risk athletes, the Save Our Athletes Initiative will also build a caseload of youth and adult athletes who have the desire and potential to compete as a high school, college, or professional athlete. These athletes will have barriers and challenges that have hindered their progress and potential. The Save Our Athletes Initiative will offer counseling and mentoring, fitness training, coaching, and portfolio building to give these at-risk athletes the best possible opportunity to reach their highest potential.

Prevention-Services designed for youth to create healthy patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving as a means of violence, gang, drug, alcohol, and suicide prevention.

Intervention-Services designed for youth that have been engaged in patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that have produced unhealthy outcomes in their lives.

Transitions-Services geared towards youth and adults who have expressed a desire to create healthier patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving to achieve a higher quality of life.

From a person-centered, strength-based and solution-focused approach to professional counseling. I work with clients using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to support the identification of maladaptive patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that produce unhealthy outcomes.

Once patterns are identified, I work with clients to create new patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Using Dialectical Behavior Therapy, I help clients by introducing mindful awareness and acceptance of the impact of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Then together, I help clients to improve their interpersonal communication, successfully learn to mange their emotions, and develop coping skills to tolerate moments of distress.

Once an individual, family, or organization has identified unhealthy patterns, then they can begin working on creating new, healthier patterns, this will support the process of developing new relationships, or mending at-risk or broken relationships.

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